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Runway Show Etiquette: What to Know Before You Strut

Participating in a runway show is a thrilling opportunity for models to showcase their talent and style. However, it's not just about looking fabulous on the catwalk; it also involves adhering to professional etiquette that ensures a smooth and successful show. In this blog post, we'll explore the essential etiquette rules models should know before they step onto the runway.

1. Punctuality Is Paramount

Arriving on time is a golden rule in the modeling industry, and it's no different for runway shows. Punctuality is even more critical for runway shows, as they follow a tight schedule. Models need to be backstage at the designated call time, ready for hair and makeup, and fully dressed for the show.

2. Be Prepared and Organized

Before the show, models should have a clear understanding of the runway lineup, the order of clothing changes, and any specific poses or choreography required. Being organized and well-prepared contributes to the efficiency of the show and minimizes delays.

3. Maintain a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is contagious and can improve the overall atmosphere backstage. Be friendly and respectful to your fellow models, hair and makeup artists, designers, and staff. Cooperation and camaraderie make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

4. Respect the Dressing Room

The dressing room can get crowded and hectic, so it's crucial to respect the space and belongings of others. Keep your area tidy, avoid taking up excessive space, and be mindful of your fellow models' privacy. Always ask for permission before borrowing clothing or accessories.

5. Follow Instructions from the Backstage Crew

Backstage, you'll be working closely with a team of professionals, including hair and makeup artists, dressers, and stage managers. Listen carefully to their instructions and be responsive to their guidance. They play a crucial role in ensuring the show runs smoothly.

6. Quick Changes Require Practice

Many runway shows involve quick clothing changes. Practice changing into and out of your outfits efficiently to avoid delays. Use designated changing areas and racks, and make sure your clothing and accessories are properly arranged for easy access.

7. Model Walk Etiquette

When it's time to hit the runway, keep these walk etiquette tips in mind:

  • Confident Stride: Maintain a confident stride with good posture and a relaxed, fluid walk.

  • Eye Contact: Make brief eye contact with the audience, but avoid staring.

  • No Talking: Do not engage in conversation with fellow models while on the runway.

  • Mind the Mark: Pay attention to your positioning and pacing to stay in sync with the music and other models.

  • Smile Appropriately: Depending on the show's theme, a subtle smile can enhance your presence.

8. Maintain Focus on the Runway

While on the runway, your focus should be solely on your performance. Avoid looking at friends, family, or photographers in the audience, as it can distract from your presentation. Keep your gaze forward and maintain your walk until you reach the end of the runway.

9. Post-Show Thank Yous

After the show, it's customary to express gratitude to the designers, organizers, and crew members who contributed to the event. A simple thank-you can leave a positive impression and may lead to future opportunities.

10. Stay Professional Backstage and Beyond

Professionalism is key in the modeling industry. Stay composed and courteous backstage and during any post-show events or castings. Your reputation as a professional model can lead to more bookings and collaborations.

In conclusion, runway show etiquette is an essential aspect of a model's success in the fashion industry. By adhering to these rules and guidelines, models can contribute to a harmonious and efficient show and make a lasting impression on designers, organizers, and fellow professionals. Strut your stuff with confidence, respect, and professionalism, and you'll shine on and off the runway.

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