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We are here for all of your casting and modeling needs in the DMV area and across the nation. The following is a short list of services we can offer you:
Modeling and Casting Services

Tell us what type of cast you need to fill in, and we will find you a perfect match. We're here for you if you need:

  • Models - This service is perfect for showcasing beauty to move a product or get the point across. Our database of models is extensive and varied. 

  • Actors - We have a long list of actors and actresses who can help you with your commercial or mini-film. 

  • Dancers - Dancers can be an excellent addition to an event or a crucial part of a commercial or video. 

  • Singers - Our professional singers can perform at important events such as weddings, concerts, funerals, etc. They can also serve as backup singers for a project of yours. 

  • Influencers - Influencers can help you push your brand and take it to the next level. 

  • Event Hosts - We have event hosts on our roster that can aid you in planning your next important event. The outcome of such an event will most likely be positive with this help. 

  • Creative Directors - Needs some direction? Our list of creative directors knows how to help you aim your project accordingly. 

  • MUA - Makeup artists are in business to help you achieve the perfect look to express an emotion or give an effect. We have partnered with many makeup artists who are ready and willing to serve you. 

Baltimore Modeling Agency
Baltimore Casting Agency

Update Portfolio

We also offer a suite of services to clients who need to reboot their profiles. We're ready to help you make some magic with your project. Start your journey now by reaching out to us via a short form. We'll start assisting you with your journey immediately.  

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