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Headshots 101: How to Take Great Headshots that Sell Yourself as a Model

Headshots are the cornerstone of a model's portfolio. They're your introduction to clients, casting directors, and agencies, and they play a pivotal role in your modeling career. To ensure your headshots make a lasting impression and effectively sell you as a model, follow these essential tips in our Headshots 101 guide.

1. Invest in a Professional Photographer:

While selfies can be fun, professional headshots require the expertise of a skilled photographer. Look for a photographer experienced in working with models, as they understand the nuances of capturing your best angles and expressions.

2. Research Your Photographer:

Before booking a photoshoot, research your photographer. Review their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision and brand as a model.

3. Choose the Right Wardrobe:

Select clothing that complements your style and the type of modeling you pursue. Solid colors and simple, classic styles are often recommended as they don't distract from your face.

4. Keep Makeup Natural:

For a clean and natural look, opt for minimal makeup. Focus on enhancing your features rather than creating dramatic looks. It's essential that your headshot represents your everyday appearance.

5. Prepare Your Skin:

A healthy, well-moisturized skin is essential for headshots. Ensure your skin is in its best condition leading up to the photoshoot.

6. Haircare Matters:

Whether you wear your hair up or down, ensure it's well-groomed and styled to frame your face nicely. Avoid drastic hairstyle changes shortly before the shoot.

7. Practice Expressions:

Practice a range of facial expressions in front of a mirror. This will help you convey different emotions and moods during the photoshoot.

8. Natural Lighting is Ideal:

Whenever possible, opt for natural lighting. It softens features and provides a flattering, even glow.

9. Focus on Your Eyes:

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and they should be the focal point of your headshots. Ensure your eyes are well-lit and convey confidence and personality.

10. Relax and Be Yourself:

It's natural to feel nervous during a photoshoot, but try to relax and be yourself. Authenticity shines through in headshots.

11. Vary Your Angles:

Experiment with different angles to discover your most flattering poses. This helps you understand which angles work best for your unique features.

12. Use Props Sparingly:

If you decide to include props, use them sparingly and ensure they enhance rather than distract from your headshot.

13. Review and Select Shots:

After the photoshoot, review the images with your photographer. Select the headshots that best represent your range and style as a model.

14. Edit Thoughtfully:

If you choose to retouch your headshots, do so thoughtfully. Aim for natural retouching that enhances your features without making you look artificial.

15. Update Regularly:

As you evolve in your modeling career, update your headshots to reflect your current look and style. An outdated headshot can misrepresent you to potential clients and agencies.

Great headshots are a powerful tool for models, helping you make a memorable impression in a highly competitive industry. By working with a professional photographer, preparing diligently, and focusing on natural, authentic expressions, you can create headshots that sell your unique personality and potential as a model. Remember, your headshots are the first step towards capturing the attention of clients and agencies, so make them count.

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