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Best Model Poses

Here are NVE Agency's top model poses you should try in your photo shoots. 

1.  Facing Straight Towards the Camera

One of the most straightforward models poses is to have them stand directly in front of the camera and photograph them straight-on. Even though this is a simple pose, you find this in numerous fashion magazines worldwide.

2. Standing Poses Above the Camera

If you want a powerful look in your modeling poses, photograph from down low so your model towers over you. The model’s stance will converge to a point at their head.

3. Leaning on a Wall

Leaning against a wall is one of those model poses people are naturally drawn to. This casual pose doesn’t take much effort to get right. It also allows you to cycle through different poses while being in the same spot.

 4. The Full-Length Shot

Full-body poses can be hard to get right. But they look amazing when done well. The full-length shot will require your model to be away from the camera and often works best with a 50mm or a long lens like an 85mm.

5. Hands Near the Face

You can also have your model pose with their hands up by their face. It’s one of those well-known fashion poses as it can create a simple, dramatic effect when the person performs it well.

6. Sitting on a Chair, Leaning Forward

Sitting poses are widely used in portraiture and fashion. You would have most likely seen this from your favorite musician or on the cover of high fashion magazines.

7. Head in Hands

A dramatic and often sad model pose is to have a person put their head in their hands or have their hands cover their face. It produces an exciting play between concealing and revealing key facial features like the eyes or mouth.

8. Lying Down

Whether in a studio or out on location, having a person lie down can be one of the most playful model poses. The camera will most likely have a birds-eye view of the person, producing a unique view we don’t see much in real life.

9. Hands on Hips

Typically, a person with hands on their hips is one of those model poses you find on stock image websites. It has connotations to images of business people trying to be casual. If this is the look you’re going for, this could be the pose to use.

10. Close-up on the Face

This next pose is a form of close-up model photography. This type of photograph is used for makeup brands and other fashion campaigns.

11. Playing with Hair

Are you looking for great female poses? Playing with hair is one of the best model poses. It produces natural action shots while also creating exciting shapes in the body.

12. Looking Over the Shoulder

A “look over the shoulder” is one of those dramatic model poses. It works very well in a studio or location. You want to have your model facing a different direction from the camera and then turn their face to look toward the camera.

13. Back to the Camera

You can have your subject pose with their back to the camera for variation in your photoshoot. It highlights special features in clothing. But it also produces an interesting viewpoint.

14. Hands in Pockets

Having hands in pockets is another one of those casual model poses. But you still see it often in commercial modeling. It is one of the go-to male poses as it portrays a laid-back character who likes to be comfortable and confident.

15. Hands Reaching Toward the Camera

Are you looking for a pose that adds a sense of depth to your photo shoots? Try having your model reach out toward the camera in various ways.

16. Crossed Arms

Another basic model pose—which can be great when executed right—is to ask the model to cross their arms. You can make this pose less rigid if your model has a slight lean in their stance.

17. Legs Spread On a Chair

You often see dancers or actors do this pose. It can be an over-the-top way to sit on a chair. The model pose can come across as a bit forward if you shoot it straight-on. But it’s great if your model is comfortable with it and knows what they’re doing.

18. Kneeling or Sitting on Knees

Experimenting with having your model at different heights is always beneficial. It is something that a professional photographer will do naturally while on a photoshoot.

19. Sitting in a Backward Chair

Are you looking for an edgy or fun photograph? How about having the model sit on a chair backward? This pose became common through boy bands of the early 2000s, but female models have taken this pose and made it powerful.

20. One Leg Up

A great casual pose is to have your model recline with one knee up, and the other leg bent or straight while sitting. Legs crossed is another option. This model pose is often seen with male model fashion shoots as it gives a casual and reflective look to the model.

21. The Squat

The squat is a great pose for edgy shoots currently a hit amongst street-style fashion lookbooks. That’s because it looks fantastic while also showing off an outfit nicely. You can photograph this from many different angles and heights.

There are multiple ways to take the best fashion photos. Follow us for more!

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